Learn how to create perfect semi-permanent feathered eyebrows.

Your Microblading career starts with the Brow Babe Apprenticeship Program!

Our program is designed to teach you the skills you’ll need, to inspire you to explore your creativity and develop your passion in all phases of beauty. Now offering a 3 day certificate program in BC, the Brow Babe Microblading Apprenticeship Program focuses on the art of Microblading through the eyes of our very own Brow Babe. Often referred to as feathered brows, Microblading is the finest and most natural looking form of semi-permanent eyebrows.  Using a hand held pen-like device with a disposable microblade, very thin, natural hairlike strokes of pigment, are deposited into the skin.

We offer a specialized Microblading educational program available to both Experienced Aesthetic Professionals and the Non-Experienced.  Featuring hands-on experience, an accessible location and experienced Instructors, all through a private institution.


Our mission at the BrowBabe Apprenticeship Program (BBAP) is to:

  1. Create an atmosphere conducive for learning in the beauty industry.
  2. Provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to create your very own Brow Babes
  3. Present quality education, advanced practical methods and performance.

Our Goal-to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to create your very own Brow Babes!

With our completely hands-on approach, we will help you achieve just that so you can become #BrowBabe Certified.

Meet Our Instructors

Rachel Chandler, our very own Brow Babe, has an extreme passion and talent for truly creating a picture perfect brow. Her philosophy of symmetry, technique and colour, shows in each and every finished brow, big or small.

  • Certified Permanent Makeup training, eyebrow specific, in machine and microblade techniques
  • Licensed Esthetician for 18 years
  • Spa Director and proprietor of the Brow Babe Brand



More Instructors Coming Soon!